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Experienced Representation After An Accident

We often take traveling in a motor vehicle for granted. People may go years and years without experiencing an accident. It is easy to forget the risk presented by traveling 60 mph in a 4,000-pound steel box on a road filled with others doing the same. For most of us, our daily commute may be the most dangerous activity we engage in all day.

If you have been injured in an accident, you need to begin working to ensure that you have access to the medical care and financial support you will need. Do not trust the insurance companies to help you. Secure an experienced advocate who will look out for your rights and best interests. Call a Virginia car accident lawyer at Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, to discuss your case.

Providing Clients With Proper Legal Solutions

At Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, we know the challenges that people face after life-changing and fatal accidents. Our attorneys have over 125 years of combined experience fighting for the rights of our clients all across Virginia. We understand how to build strong cases that obtain the full compensation they are entitled to under the law. Our firm provides superior personal injury representation to those injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

Our team has access to a large network of resources that can help our clients. We will work to help you receive the medical care you need to help you move forward with your life again no matter where you live in the state.

Advice For Out-Of-State Drivers Injured In Virginia

There are few things more distressing than getting injured in a motor vehicle accident when you are not in your home state. Below are some of the most important questions we hear regarding these kinds of accidents.

Where do I file a claim if I was injured in an out-of-state accident?

Generally, you will file your claim in the state where the accident occurred. That is because the courts in the state where the accident occurred have the jurisdiction, or authority, to hear the case and make enforceable decisions.

This is important to understand because each state has its own rules when it comes to negligence. Virginia follows what is called the “pure contributory negligence” rule. Under that rule, a plaintiff cannot collect any damages if they are even 1% responsible for their own injuries.

Do I need to hire an attorney in the state in which I was injured or my home state?

You always want to hire an attorney in the state in which you were injured, since that state’s laws control the outcome of the case.

A lawyer in your home state may not fully understand the mechanics of Virginia’s pure contributory negligence rule and how that can factor into your claim. In addition, an attorney in your home state may not be licensed to practice in Virginia.

If I have to file a lawsuit in Virginia, do I have to go there in person?

Most car accident claims are resolved through negotiations long before they reach the point where court appearances are necessary, and modern technology makes it easy to stay in communication with your lawyer even from a distance.

A motor vehicle accident attorney who understands the art of negotiation will keep in mind the logistics of your situation and your goals throughout the process, and they will only take a claim to court when necessary to protect your rights.

Schedule A Free Case Consultation Today

When you have been seriously injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, it is important that you have representation you can trust. Review our answers to commonly asked questions regarding car, truck, SUV and motorcycle accidents, then contact us to schedule an initial consultation with one of our Richmond personal injury lawyers. We can also meet with you remotely when necessary. Call today at 804-767-6850 or contact us online. We collect attorney fees only if we obtain compensation for you.