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Aggressive And Experienced Contract Dispute Representation

A contract dispute can have a major impact on your business and your productivity. It may be a dispute over the terms or the validity of the contract itself, or over whether or not that contract was breached.

Either way, it is crucial to have skillful contract dispute attorneys on your side right now. At Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, our lawyers have decades of combined experience. They can skillfully negotiate and can help you explore settlement tactics. Our team works to enforce business agreements that have been broken and help you obtain compensation for losses your business has sustained. If you end up in court, our attorneys can litigate your case and seek a positive resolution.

We know that every situation is unique when it comes to contracts and business agreements that have been breached, and we help our Virginia clients seek solutions that make sense for their needs.

Effectively Resolving Broken Contracts

There are a few different types of potential disputes, including:

  • A material breach: Goods and services are not provided.
  • A minor breach: The services are rendered, but some details are not upheld – like a missed deadline.
  • An anticipatory contract breach: The other party knows they can’t fulfill the contract and informs you in advance.

Remedies for a breach can include injunctions, or court orders to halt certain actions; monetary damages; rescission, which cancels the contract; and specific performance, which obligates the breaching party to follow through with their bargain, among other options. Litigation is not always necessary, but we are always ready to pursue your rights in court if negotiations fall through.

Contract disputes are often very complex, with a significant amount of money on the line. They can also affect your business or brand reputation. These are not issues that business owners should try to resolve on their own. If you are in this position, you don’t want to take any chances. You need an experienced legal team that understands the law and the legal options that allow you to protect your business.

Contact Us Today For Breach Of Contract Counsel

We look forward to helping you resolve disputes, enforce contracts or take the proper steps after a contract breach. If you would like to set up a consultation, just email us or call 804-767-6850 today. From our office in Richmond, we help clients throughout the state.