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Virginia Business Torts: Protecting Your Company From Unfair Practices

When another business’s conduct harms your company financially, often referred to as a business tort, a legal action may be necessary to help you recoup your losses. The attorneys of Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, have decades of combined experience handling business legal matters and fiduciary litigation. From our Richmond, Virginia, offices, we can guide you, increasing your odds of a successful outcome.

What Is A Business Tort?

It is a civil wrong that causes economic harm to another business, often necessitating a commercial (civil) lawsuit. These wrongs can take many forms, but some of the most common (and damaging) include:

  • Tortious interference: When a third party interferes with your business relationships – for instance, by inducing a breach of contract or disrupting a valuable opportunity.
  • Business conspiracy: When two or more parties agree to act together to harm a business – examples include price fixing or a coordinated smear campaign.
  • Defamation: When a business makes false and damaging statements about your company – for example, claims that you cut corners, mistreat workers or offer substandard goods.
  • Conversion: When someone takes possession of business property (tangible or intangible) and treats it as their own – examples include stealing intellectual property or misappropriating company funds.
  • Unjust enrichment: When a business gains at your expense – for example, refusing to return extra money in an accidental overpayment.

These disputes can be a nightmare for any business owner. Complex legal issues, financial losses and the potential for lasting damage can quickly spiral out of control without experienced guidance.

To Better Serve Richmond Businesses, We Are Trial-Ready

In business, time is money, and a courtroom battle sounds daunting. But our trial-ready approach can provide several advantages, even if you hope to settle. From the outset, we focus on finding sufficient evidence to strengthen your bargaining position and deter the other party from making unfair settlement offers. We anticipate possible defenses and develop strategies to overcome them.

Call Us To Protect Your Rights And Your Company

Our Richmond business lawyers can be your strongest assets when you need to right a wrong and protect your company. Call 804-767-6850 now or contact us via email for a consultation.