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Case Results Obtained For Our Clients

At Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, our experienced lawyers strive to obtain results that meet our clients’ needs in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Following are case results we’ve obtained on behalf of our clients.

Let us help guide you to the results you seek. We handle matters involving personal injury accidents, divorces and family law disputes, and real estate and business litigation.

Personal Injury Claim Settlements

Our personal injury attorneys are skilled in their pursuit of justice. Cutting-edge techniques using machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) help us draft demand packages for our clients that get results. Once hired, we persistently follow up with calls, letters and emails to get reluctant insurance companies and adjusters to respond to our clients’ injury claims. While pre-trial settlements are often helpful for accident victims, we will not hesitate to take personal injury cases to trial.

$960,000 – Wrongful Death – Settlement received for the surviving spouse of an accident victim who was rear-ended by a commercial tractor-trailer driver while stopped in a construction zone.

$625,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Mediated settlement received for a car accident victim who was hit head-on by a drunk driver. Our client needed a knee replacement and also suffered from a brain injury and depression.

$150,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement received less than two months after the car accident that injured our client’s leg. Money was obtained from four different insurance companies.

$115,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement received after a car crash sent our client’s vehicle flying into a pasture causing years of medical treatment and the ultimate loss of a self-owed business.

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement received in less than 60 days for our client who suffered an eye injury in a car crash despite having a history of macular degeneration.

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement received for our client just three months after hiring us following a car accident that caused a deformity from a dislocated clavicle.

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement received after a chain reaction accident caused a tractor-trailer to flip onto our client’s car causing numerous soft-tissue injuries.

$80,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement received after a rear-end accident tore our client’s meniscus (knee cartilage), which later required surgery.

$75,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement received without having to go to trial after our client was reared by a drunk driver at a stop sign. Case settled after accident victim’s injuries were completely resolved.

Other Case Results

Case dismissed – Real Estate – Wrongful claims filed against our property owner client were dismissed, ending drawn out legal proceedings due to the plaintiff’s (the person filing the lawsuit) unresponsiveness. Attorney Matt Long achieved a significant legal milestone in Virginia, utilizing the newly revised Rule 4:12(d) of the Supreme Court of Virginia to successfully dismiss a complex real estate litigation case. This groundbreaking strategy, which capitalizes on the rule’s amendment allowing sanctions without a prior order to compel, highlights Long’s adaptability to legal changes and marks him as one of the first in the state to employ this tactic. His proficient handling of the case not only demonstrates the power of embracing new legal tools but also emphasizes the importance of timely responses in judicial proceedings, setting a precedent for future legal strategies.

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