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Assistance With High Net Worth Divorces In Virginia

Divorce is overwhelming for everyone. When your divorce involves business interests, investments, possible hidden assets and complicated property rights, it makes the prospect of divorce even more overwhelming.

You might have multiple homes, newer cars, expensive vacations and other luxuries. Your lifestyle might be supported by a combination of resources and multiple income streams, some of which are unknown to you. Your tax returns might be 100-pages long and impossible to figure out. And your spouse might have taken control of all this and locked you out of accounts that you use to fund your day-to-day activities. Your fear is very real that the financial security you thought you could count on may disappear. You need a divorce lawyer by your side with the experience and sophistication to understand your financial life.

High Asset Divorces Require Skilled Attorneys

Your lawyer needs to be familiar with how wealthy people hold assets. Your lawyer needs to have the experience to accurately assess what it takes to support you and your children in a lifestyle similar to one you enjoyed during your marriage. Your lawyer needs to know how to secure an adequate income source for you and to make sure the assets you wind up owning are best for you and support your new financial plan. Your lawyer needs to know how to use the resources available in the courts to establish court orders to protect assets and income and to secure funds to support the litigation needs.

At Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, we assist you in taking steps to engage a business evaluation expert, forensic accountant or other experts applicable to your particular issues as quickly as possible.

A forensic accountant can find and identify the income streams that support your lifestyle. Tax advisors help make sure tax implications are properly considered for your benefit and ensure there are no undisclosed tax obligations outstanding. Financial planning experts can help you determine your future financial needs, examine existing retirement assets and identify which assets will support your future financial needs. Experienced and qualified real estate appraisers can accurately determine the value of all the real estate owned by you and your spouse as well as by any businesses. These experts help us educate you about your assets and income and understand your new financial plan to secure your future.

We often recommend mediation to our clients. We prepare clients for mediation as thoroughly as we prepare for litigation. This thorough preparation lets us control the settlement discussions so that progress is made towards your goals. Sometimes, filing for relief and protection in the courts is the best strategy to make progress in mediation and settlement.

Helping You Take The Lead In Your Divorce

Let our experience, sophisticated knowledge of personal finances, forms of real estate and business ownership, and borrowing work for you. We have developed relationships with the most skilled experts who can help us help you to get the best possible outcome for your family.

Investing in the right legal representation in the beginning is critical. Your knowledge becomes your new superpower.

Contact Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, today to get started planning your future. Call us now at 804-767-6850 or send us an email to schedule a consultation with one our divorce attorneys.