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Why is separation required before divorce?

Getting a divorce can be a long process. Spouses looking to divorce must determine countless details to split up the joint lives they made during their marriage. This involves several steps, including dividing property, negotiating custody and determining if financial support is necessary.

However, before Virginia individuals can start the process of their divorce, they must first separate.

What happens if parents fail to pay child support?

A critical part of raising a child is to support them and their needs, both emotionally and financially. Even if a child's parents are not married, the responsibility to financially support the child often remains.

Virginia family courts generally order the non-custodial parent to pay child support whether or not the parents were ever married, because it is in the child’s best interests.

What is supervised visitation?

In their child custody agreement, parents divide their parenting responsibilities as well as time with their children.

But many parents might wonder: what if the other parent is unreliable or unfit? Will they still have to share custody and visitation? Virginia family courts rarely give one parent sole custody, since state laws mandate that children have a right to keep in contact with both of their parents.

Study says women are more likely to seek a divorce

Divorce rates have been steadily decreasing in the last few decades. However, there is still a trend in most heterosexual divorces where one spouse seeks divorce more than the other.

In 2017, sociology professor Michael Rosenfeld conducted a study between 2009 and 2015 where he found that women initiated divorce much more than men. According to the report, women initiated 69% of divorces over the years.

FAQ: Could my divorce impact my career?

A person’s family relationships and career are often two critical parts of their lives. Since they are such significant priorities, events in one area can often impact the other. For example, when individuals have troubles in their personal life, it can be difficult to focus at work.

Getting a divorce is one such event that could potentially impact both an individual’s personal life and professional life.

Chain Reaction Multi-Car Accidents: what to do and not do.

If you were in a chain reaction accident, you got hit possibly more than one time and you probably hit one or two other vehicles- or more. You have questions. What do I do about my car or truck? How do I get compensation? Which insurance company is responsible? Who should I talk to? Accidents are confusing but these kinds are even more confusing. The attorneys at Bowen Ten Cardani, PC are here to help you through this very stressful time.

What happens to your debt in divorce?

Debt is a reality for many people, whether it is from student loans, their credit card or their mortgage.

However, this reality can become a complex issue when spouses file for divorce. Spouses must divide debts along with their assets in the property division process, but it can often be a challenge.

When can you modify your child support payments?

When parents get a divorce, one parent will almost always have to pay child support – even if they share joint custody. After all, in Virginia, children are entitled to access the same amount of financial support they would receive if the family still lived in one household.

However, if the details of the child support agreement no longer meet the child’s needs or the parent’s ability to pay, it might be necessary for parents to request a modification.

Kids might need extra help to adjust to a newly blended family

Nowadays, blended families seem to be the norm. Statistics show that 16% of children live in a blended family. This could be the result of their parents remarrying after a divorce, as well as parents having children from a previous relationship.

Finding love with a new partner can be amazing for a single parent – whether they divorced or never married. However, a new partner and the prospect of a blended family can be complex when parents share custody of their children.

Going through a divorce? Remember self-care

Whether or not the divorce is amicable, it can still create a significant amount of stress in someone’s life.

It is easy for that stress and the divorce itself to take all of someone’s attention and energy. After all, a divorce involves many complex details and decisions about one’s future.

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