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When should we consider legal separation?

The Hollywood couple Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have been separated for nearly two years now. However, Perlman reports that she will never divorce DeVito. She told the New York Post and People that the couple still loves each other, remains close and agrees on essential things. Therefore, the couple states that they will not pursue a divorce.

When things just are not working in a marriage, couples have the option to file for legal separation or divorce. But many Virginians might wonder: when should they consider legal separation over divorce?

Do courts really favor mothers in child custody disputes?

In the past, it was more common for mothers to retain custody of the children after a divorce. This was usually because mothers were the primary caregivers. After all, it was not until the 1960s that women began joining the workforce in larger numbers than ever before. 

Their primary role as caretaker led many courts to favor women in child custody situations. And many people believe that is still the case. But is it really true?

Divorce is not easy: Here are some tips to reduce your stress

Anyone who has experienced a divorce--or anyone in the throes of one--knows precisely how stressful it can be. It is a difficult decision to end a marriage, and the challenges only begin with that decision. All of these challenges can lead to a wide array of emotions, from anger to grief. 

With all of that combined, there is no question why divorce is so stressful. While there might not be a way to eliminate that stress completely, there are ways that individuals can reduce it.

Research says gray divorce particularly difficult on women

Divorce is on the rise for couples over 50. Pew Research Center reports the number of gray divorces has almost doubled since 1990. And gray divorce rates significantly surpass the rates of divorce among younger people. 

At any age, divorce can have a considerable effect on one's emotional and financial health. However, it seems that women who divorce over 50 face more risks than men.

Can you get custody of your pet in Virginia?

For many, pets are important parts of our lives. Many people even think of their pets as family members. However, the love that people have for their pets can quickly become a significant dispute during a divorce. 

Many spouses try to fight for custody of their pet during the divorce proceedings, but this issue is often more complicated than it seems.

How do you actually tell your spouse you want a divorce?

Films and television shows often portray married couples arguing, then suddenly one of them proclaims, "I want a divorce." These forms of media often use that proclamation as a shock factor for both the fictional spouse and the audience.

However, stating that someone wants a divorce is not as easy in real life. Approaching this conversation can cause individuals a lot of stress. So, here are some tips for individuals to tell their spouse that they are seeking a divorce

What is virtual visitation?

It can be difficult for non-custodial parents to grow accustomed to a visitation order after a divorce. They might not see their children as often as they used to. And this can place a strain on the parent-child relationship. 

However, the growing popularity of virtual visitation is an easy and convenient way for non-custodial parents to maintain contact with their children in addition to the regular visitation schedule

Is there a positive side to divorce?

When faced with a divorce--whether it was a mutual decision or not--the future can seem inescapably negative. The stress of divorce can weigh individuals down and take away the hope they have for the future. 

In the middle of complex divorce proceedings, it can be difficult to see any positive side to divorce. However, there are quite a few positives that all individuals should understand.

How do you know if your spouse is hiding assets?

In a marriage, it is common for one spouse to take on most of the financial responsibilities. Perhaps they are more inclined towards math, so they keep track of all the couple's finances. 

This may seem innocent during the marriage. However, spouses who were not involved in many financial matters during the marriage may want to be careful when filing for divorce. Nowadays, it is all too common for spouses to hide assets from the other and protect them from property division, regardless of whether the couple holds significant assets or not. 

Tips for planning vacations when you are divorced

For many people, summertime means vacation and relaxation. Planning a trip to the beach or a road trip across the country could seem like just what the family needs. However, taking a vacation can be more stressful for families after a divorce. It often requires careful planning.

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