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Resolving Your Property Dispute, Defending Your Rights

If you co-own a home, rental property or other piece of real estate and you and your co-owners are locked in a dispute over what to do with it, a partition action may be necessary. At the Virginia law firm of Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, our attorneys have more than 125 combined years of litigation experience. We can help you take action and find a solution to your property disagreement.

What Is A Partition Action?

Many situations arise in which two or more people own a property jointly, and they disagree on how to dispose of it or split the asset. For example, this can occur when siblings inherit their parents’ home, an unmarried couple buys a house and then the relationship ends, or investors buy a property together but have a falling out. One party might want to sell the property, but the other refuses.

When this happens in Virginia, one of the owners can file for a partition to either sell the property to a third party or allow one party to buy out the co-owner’s interest over the co-owner’s objections. The plaintiff must prove that the action they want the court to take would serve the parties’ interests and that subdividing the property is not possible. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in this type of civil litigation, our lawyers will prepare a strong case that makes your position and your interests clear to the court.

Dealing With The Emotions That Can Arise

Once the court approves the partition, the next step is figuring out the money. Specifically, if you are selling, how much of the proceeds will each owner receive? Or, if one party is buying the other parties’ ownership interests, which party should get to buy? Each party will make their case to the court, and the proceedings can get quite emotional, especially if the parties are related. Our lawyers will work with you to represent your interests firmly but with sensitivity.

Reach An Acceptable Outcome To Your Property Dispute

There is usually a solution to a heated disagreement between property owners. Let us help you find one. Contact us to schedule a consultation at 804-767-6850. With office locations in Richmond and Hanover, we assist clients throughout the greater Richmond area.