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3 things to consider when making a child custody schedule

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Child Custody

A child custody schedule allows parents to share custody of their children after divorce. This schedule will help maintain a child’s daily routine on each parent’s specific custody days. 

Parents often have to consider a lot of variables before settling on a child custody schedule that works for everyone. Here are a few things to think about:

How many days will each parent have their child?

There are many different child custody schedules. An arrangement often has to consider a few factors, such as each parent’s ability to work around their work or school schedules. Some custody schedules are split evenly so that each parent rotates their schedules the same amount of days. For example, the first parent may have their child for seven days and the second parent would have their child for seven days. Or, an arrangement may have one parent take on more days than the other.

Who is taking the child to school?

A child’s education is very important. A child custody schedule may need to consider who is responsible for taking their child to school each day. The parent who picks up their child from school may be different than the one who drops them off. This arrangement may change during summer and winter break. 

Will a parent have time to vacation or holiday with their child?

Many parents find that it’s important to spend vacations and holidays with their children. A vacation or holiday may not land on the same day a parent has custody of their child. Some parents will rotate holidays with their children or have their children celebrate two holidays in a week.