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Personal Injury

Distracted driving can be fatal

Did your parents have to invent games to keep you occupied on long car journeys when you were children? Maybe you had to count how many red cars you could spot, or how many birds of prey you could see perched along the highway. Nowadays, many Richmond children do not...

Staying safe while running

When people walk down the sidewalk, they often stay on the right side, as if they were driving. It’s just ingrained in most of us: You always stay to the right, no matter what you’re doing on the road or walks. The exception, of course, is running. If you jog near the...

Top reasons for car accidents

Every year, between 35,000 and 40,000 people pass away in car accidents. The number of those who get injured is far greater. No matter how you break down the statistics, it’s clear that accidents are a major threat in the United States and that they happen to people...

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