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May 2016 Archives

Late payments in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

A Virginia resident who has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy must set up a payment plan with creditors. That payment plan lasts for three to five years and is administered by a trustee that the court has appointed. The debtor sends the money to the trustee and the trustee pays the creditors. For debts like unsecured loans, the trustee probably makes a monthly distribution. In cases like these, if the debtor is a week late paying the trustee, it may not matter and might even go unnoticed.

Crowdfunding sites help people pay divorce expenses

Virginia residents who are ending their marriages may be worried about how much the divorce will cost them. In addition to paying legal fees, a divorcing person may be asked to hand over valuable assets during property division, pay child support and pay spousal support. After a divorce is finalized, moving into a new home and making purchases as a single person can also be expensive.

It is important to fully prepare for a divorce

Residents of Virginia must be completely prepared for the rigorous tasks that arise during the end of a marriage. The emotions that divorce can manifest between two parties can often add a challenge to dealing with practical matters. Most people who have gone through divorce proceedings have described the process as overwhelming.

Spousal support ends for woman in same-sex relationship

Based on a May 2 decision by the Virginia Supreme Court, same-sex relationships in the state will be given the same status as heterosexual relationships. Although gay marriage has been legal in Virginia since 2014, two lower courts had ruled that a man had to continue paying spousal support to his ex-wife despite the fact that she was engaged to a woman who she was living with.

More older couples are divorcing

While statistics show overall divorce rates have been stabilizing in Virginia and nationwide over the past 10 years, the divorce rate among older couples is increasing. In 2014, people ages 50 and above were twice as likely to divorce as they were in 1990, and those over 65 were even more likely to part ways.

Why to avoid social media during a divorce

When a Virginia couple are facing the end of their marriage, they may decide to share their feelings on social media. It may feel good to vent, but there are a number of potential drawbacks to doing so. Along with the fact that what is said on the Internet is public, there's also the potential for things that are shared on the Internet to affect the legal proceedings.

Pros and cons of divorcing

It is common for Virginia couples who are considering a divorce to think through the pros and cons of going through with it. Filing is rarely an easy decision. There are some situations when staying together may be a good idea, but there are others when ending a marriage may be the best choice.

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