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Crowdfunding sites help people pay divorce expenses

On Behalf of | May 24, 2016 | Divorce

Virginia residents who are ending their marriages may be worried about how much the divorce will cost them. In addition to paying legal fees, a divorcing person may be asked to hand over valuable assets during property division, pay child support and pay spousal support. After a divorce is finalized, moving into a new home and making purchases as a single person can also be expensive.

Now, crowdfunding sites are offering a new way to offset some divorce expenses. A site called FundedJustice.com allows people to create profiles and raise money for various legal needs including litigated divorces. Other crowdfunding sites that allow users to raise money for many different things are adding ‘divorce” as a fundraising category.

A crowdfunding site called Plumfund lets divorcing spouses ask for monetary help for attorney fees, child care bills and new household items. Similar to a wedding registry, the divorce registry on Plumfund can allow divorcing spouses to ask friends, family and even strangers for specific items that they need to get a fresh start. Divorcing spouses can also ask for cash donations and then use the donations to buy what they need.

A family law attorney can advise a client who is facing the end of a marriage about how to keep expenses to a minimum. The cost of a litigated divorce can run into the tens of thousands. However, many divorce legal issues can be resolved through negotiations or mediation, both of which are in most cases less time-consuming and thus less likely to require a lot of billable hours.