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Pros and cons of divorcing

On Behalf of | May 2, 2016 | Divorce

It is common for Virginia couples who are considering a divorce to think through the pros and cons of going through with it. Filing is rarely an easy decision. There are some situations when staying together may be a good idea, but there are others when ending a marriage may be the best choice.

Staying together and choosing to work things out may be an option for people who believe they can rekindle the feelings they once had for their spouses. A more pragmatic reason to stay with a spouse is when a person simply can’t afford to live on his or her own. People who have children may want to work things out if they can do so and still have healthy marriages afterward.

One strong reason people should most likely divorce is when their marriages include domestic violence. This type of abuse is dangerous and will normally get worse. Similarly, if a person’s spouse has been abusive to their children, filing for divorce and sole physical custody is warranted in order to keep the children safe. Addiction issues may also be a reason to end a marriage, especially when the addicted spouse refuses to get help.

Deciding to divorce and then taking the first step is hard. One suggestion is to get help from a family law attorney who, being outside of the situation, may be able to view everything with more clarity, advising the client about the ways to resolve different disputes. If the decision is made to move forward, the attorney can then assist in negotiating a settlement agreement that addresses property division and other applicable issues.