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2 reasons to refer injured clients to a personal injury firm

On Behalf of | May 19, 2023 | Personal Injury

Like most general practice attorneys, you want to be there for your clients any time they need help with a legal matter. You may have spent years developing a rapport with them and worry that an outside referral will harm that relationship.

You may feel reasonably confident that you can meet the legal needs of your clients, even in matters that fall outside your range of experience. Of course, this may be so in some circumstances. However, personal injury cases typically require an experienced approach.

Here are two situations when lawyers should consider referring personal injury clients to another firm.

Gaps in knowledge of state injury laws

Accident and injury compensation laws tend to evolve with time. If you are unfamiliar with the latest revisions, this might compromise your clients’ economic restitution.

Consider referring them to someone familiar with Virginia’s complex injury and negligence laws. An accident attorney can help your clients overcome obstacles standing between them and fair injury compensation.

Best interests of clients

As mentioned above, you want to be available for your clients to help them resolve their problems. Connecting them with an experienced injury attorney allows you to continue protecting their best interests.

It is tempting to hit the books and learn more about accident compensation law so that you can handle the case yourself. Unfortunately, if you overlook some of the finer points of injury law, you could harm rather than help your clients.

Reach out to local personal injury attorneys to build relationships that help you protect your clients regardless of the legal issues they face. That way, you and those you connect with can benefit from one another’s legal experience.