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What is Med-Pay coverage for motorists in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Every motorist in Virginia typically needs to carry liability coverage. In fact, lawmakers have recently implemented a program to gradually increase the amount of coverage required by drivers in the next few years to better cover the rising costs of medical care and vehicles. 

Liability coverage typically only protects against financial losses when someone is at fault for a crash. Many motorists would also like to have coverage that protects them from losses if they get hurt in a crash. Those who add Med-Pay coverage to their Virginia insurance policies have the option of immediate protection after a crash. Some people also use the terms “MedPay” and “Med Pay” to describe this form of coverage.

What does supplemental Med-Pay coverage provide? 

Med-Pay coverage is a form of no-fault protection. It doesn’t matter who is at fault for the crash. The motorist with Med-Pay supplemental coverage can make a claim against their policy for the costs associated with their injuries or the injuries of any of their passengers. 

Med-Pay will cover the full cost of treatment, including what health insurance would pay and the patient costs, such as their co-pay. This coverage also applies when the insured motorist is a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. 

People making use of Med-Pay coverage will have immediate protection from the medical expenses generated by a collision. Typically, making a claim against Med-Pay coverage won’t increase a motorist’s rates the way that other large claims might. 

Making sense of motor vehicle insurance options, including Med-Pay coverage, can benefit those recently involved in a wreck and those hoping to reduce the risks of any future crash they experience. In addition, while an attorney can help you collect what you’re due, they shouldn’t take any portion of your Med-Pay benefits as their pay.