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Will removing deadly guardrails in Virginia make roads safer?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Personal Injury

For years in Virginia, cars and trucks have been pieced by X-Lite guardrails during crashes. The guardrails are meant to be a safeguard, but the guardrails themselves are causing severe and fatal injuries.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has decided to remove them from highways and other roads throughout the state.  But the number one reason drivers need this safeguard is other drivers.

Dangerous guardrails do not absolve negligent drivers

For any motor vehicle accident in Virginia, who is responsible for the accident is most important if the car crash victim wants to seek compensation. While the conditions of the road and the use of these dangerous guardrails may have made the accident worse, if another driver caused the accident, then that driver should be responsible.

Even at slow speeds, car crashes can be fatal. Initially, the VDOT decided that any road with a 55-mph limit or higher would have the X-Lite guardrails removed. However, then there were reports that people were still being injured and killed at much lower speeds. Now, VDOT will remove the guardrails from all roads that have speed limits over 25 mph.

What should accident victims do?

There is nothing that can prevent every accident. If another driver caused your accident, regardless of whether it involved these guardrails or not, you can take legal action.

Lawsuits will never wholly compensate you for what you have lost. However, they can help hold those who injured you responsible. They also help keep the same thing from happening to others.