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3 things not to say when you’re involved in a crash

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Personal Injury

When you’re involved in a serious collision, there are a lot of things you might want to say. From yelling at the other driver who caused the crash to apologizing for your role in it, you may think that speaking your mind is the best thing to do.

The truth is that it’s better to stay quiet if you’re involved in a crash. The only people you need to speak with are the emergency medical technicians and doctors, those who are injured and need help, the 911 operator, the police or your attorney. If you’re not sure if you should say something about the crash, the best rule you can follow is to say nothing at all. Here are three things you shouldn’t say when you’re at the scene.

  1. “It’s my fault.”

Even if you feel like the crash was your fault, you don’t have all the facts. Leave it to the professionals to determine who was to blame for the crash. Accident reconstructions are done to work out exactly what happened, so you don’t need to try to determine that on your own.

  1. “I’m so sorry.”

The next thing you shouldn’t say is that you’re sorry. Apologizing makes it seem like you were in the wrong, even if it was the other driver’s fault. It’s a habit in many states for people to apologize for any inconveniences, even if they aren’t their fault, but don’t do that after a crash.

  1. “I was distracted.”

Finally, don’t say anything about what you were doing when the crash happened. If you feel like you were distracted by your own thoughts or by something happening in your vehicle, let your attorney know. You don’t have to admit that to the police or an insurance agent.

These are three phrases that you shouldn’t say when you’re at the scene of a crash. Doing so may imply that you’re to blame, and that could hurt your case as the victim of the crash. Allow your attorney to talk to the authorities or insurance agents on your behalf to help prevent any confusion.