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Helping children adjust after a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Family Law

Some divorced residents of Virginia may understand how difficult it can sometimes be for children to acclimate in the aftermath of a separation. One of the more challenging aspects of this is often having two competing sets of rules at the different residences where children will be spending their time. A little cooperation between parents in this regard can potentially go a long way toward making the transition a little easier for kids to handle.

In situations where parents absolutely cannot agree with one another about house rules, it’s often helpful to seek outside mediation for assistance in the matter at hand. For instance, a mediator with knowledge of family law may be able to intervene effectively to guide disputes toward a successful resolution. If for some reason that isn’t possible, it may be necessary to have a court hear the dispute and allow a judge to make the decision.

That being said, divorced parents who are able to negotiate with each other amicably often enjoy more optimal outcomes. Some experts recommend parenting workshops that coach disputing parties in the need for compromise and the importance of establishing fixed rules for how children should conduct themselves in the home. Agreeing upon only one set of house rules can foster an atmosphere of stability that helps children feel more comfortable while staying with one parent or the other.

In cases such as these, challenging disputes often arise from the inability of divorced parents to negotiate with each other respectfully. A lawyer may be able to review the specific circumstances of the disagreement and assemble any relevant documentation should the parents need to go to court. Legal representation is often an important means of ensuring that one’s interests aren’t unfairly marginalized and achieving beneficial results for all parties involved.