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Traffic Violations
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Bowen Ten PC Prevent The Unforeseen Long-Term Costs Of A Speeding Ticket

Have you been charged with a traffic violation? Beware of what seems the easy route. Sending in the money to pay the fine means you are pleading guilty to the underlying charge. Do you think you are too busy to go to court and that there is no way to successfully fight traffic charge? Are you afraid that any defense, even if successful, would cost more than the fine itself? Please let us explain why that is very often not the whole story. The sooner you call us, the more options we can offer.

Call our experienced Richmond speeding ticket lawyer at 804-767-6850​.

Valuable Legal Strategies To Defend You Against Traffic Charges

From offices in Ashland and Richmond, our lawyers offer you value when you are facing traffic violations. Our lawyers will work to generate very positive results for you when you retain our services, whether through negotiations or trial. If a trial is what is best, then our combined experience of over 75 years will help us fight on your behalf.

You always have the right to defend yourself after receiving a citation, even in the case of traffic violations. You may be unaware of the long-term costs that traffic violations can cause. Your auto insurance rates may go up, and the accumulation of points can lead to a loss of license as well as other consequences. For example, if you drive to care for an elderly parent or exercise visitation with your children, a loss of your driver’s license can cost you the ability to see your family member(s) regularly. If you drive for your job, losing your license can cost you your job.

Representation For Many Types Of Traffic Violations

If you are a client of Bowen Ten PC, we pledge to do our best to provide exceptional criminal defense representation if you face issues such as:

We can also defend you if you face drug charges such as possession of marijuana — a charge that sometimes comes up after a traffic stop.

Make An Appointment To Discuss Your Options In A Traffic Violation Case

When you are facing traffic violations, it is important that you have representation you can trust. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our Virginia traffic violation defense attorneys, call 804-767-6850 or contact us online.