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What does “contested divorce” mean? 

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2023 | Divorce

Because of no-fault divorce laws, contested divorce does not mean that the outcome may result in the couple staying married. They’re not debating whether or not they should get divorced, nor is the judge determining if they will allow the couple to end their marriage. That is going to happen either way.

A contested divorce just means that two individuals need help working out the terms of that split. They are going to get divorced, but they have disagreements regarding issues like how they should divide the assets they own or how they should handle custody of their children. It is these areas that the court needs to assist them with and find a solution.

It can take longer and cost more

One thing to know about a contested divorce is that it can take longer and be more expensive than an amicable divorce. This is because it requires more time in court, and the judge has a part in helping the parties make the decisions. When couples make the decisions on their own, they can come up with a divorce agreement and the court may just need to approve it.

It can get heated

A contested divorce can grow more contentious over time. The time it takes to resolve the issues in court can lead to frustrations. The costs – emotionally and financially – can be stressful even in the best circumstances. What used to be minor issues for the couple can easily escalate into full-blown fights. Often, neither spouse gets everything they want, leaving them mad at each other as well as the process.

Every divorce is different, and many are complicated despite the amicable relationship between the parties. Educate yourself about the process, so you know your rights and options.