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Tips for managing child custody with an only child

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Child Custody

An only child is usually close to their parents. Because of the tight-knit relationship, it might be difficult for the child to learn that their parents are divorcing. Both parents will have to play a big role in helping their child adjust to life between two homes. 

One of the only child’s primary concerns might be that they’ll be unable to maintain a relationship with both parents. You might be able to quell that fear by showing the child that you and your ex will remain committed to raising them. 

Try to keep the same routine

Children thrive on routine, so being able to keep things consistent for them is important. It’s not always possible to keep everything the same, so try to focus on the big things. Keep bedtime and wake-up time the same. You may be able to work with your ex to keep things consistent between both homes. 

Support the child’s relationships and friendships

Your child will need time with friends and family members. Make sure they have the time and resources to do this. They may be concerned about having fun with one parent and being able to talk to the other parent about it. Encourage your child to enjoy both parents, as well as both sides of their family. They need to know that you support their relationship with your ex. 

Any parent who’s going through child custody should ensure they’re doing what’s best for the child. The parenting plan should reflect the current needs of the child because it’s possible to modify it later. You should work with someone who’s familiar with these cases so you can get everything set up for your child.