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When can you take action to get more parenting time?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Child Custody

Uneven custody arrangements still occur frequently in divorces. Family law judges hearing contested divorces in Virginia must make very difficult decisions. They have to look at everything from your job responsibilities to your relationship with the kids to decide how to split up parenting time.

Some parents find themselves in unfavorable situations at the time of their divorce. You might not have found a long-term housing solution yet. You might also struggle with mental health or substance abuse issues as you cope with the stress of divorce.

If concerns about mental health or instability affected the custody arrangement, you may feel relegated to a spectator’s role in the lives of your children. The good news is that you can potentially ask the courts for a modification that increases your parenting time.

When circumstances change, so can your custody order

Under Virginia family law, both parents and state service agencies have the right to request custody reviews and modifications to existing custody orders. If you can show that there have been substantial changes to your circumstances since the divorce, such as completing alcohol abuse therapy or securing a new home, that can help your case.

Provided that you are in a more stable position and are better able to meet the needs of your children now, the court could very well increase the amount of parenting time that you have. Your ex might even cooperate with your request for a custody modification.

Even if your ex doesn’t agree, a contested modification request with evidence could still get you the outcome that you want. An experienced family law attorney can help.