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Minimizing possible co-parenting problems in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Child Custody

Many divorces in Virginia can be extra complicated when children are involved. After all the custody details have been negotiated, ex-spouses can make the transition less stressful for children by creating a co-parenting agreement. A common piece of advice given to divorced parents is to put the needs of the child first by acting civil toward one another and acknowledging the importance of the other parent in the child’s life. The only exception would be if there are issues involved that could put a minor at risk.

While custody agreements typically spell out which parent will have a child during various holidays, weekends or other times of the year, it’s easy for children to forget these details. Posting a physical calendar in a visible spot in each home may avoid awkward situations where a child might make plans with one parent when it’s not their turn. Possible points of contention may also be minimized if parents maintain consistent rules in both homes.

Communication involving medical situations or changes to scheduled visitation dates due to unforeseen circumstances can quickly become major issues between ex-spouses not yet on friendly terms. If circumstances like this apply, it may be easier for parents to communicate via email or text. It’s generally advised that divorce details told to a child be based on age and maturity. Children could also benefit from parents who are cautious about introducing new partners into their lives.

If there are ongoing issues with parenting time or possible violations of a custody agreement, a lawyer might first make an attempt to resolve these problems in a way that’s not disruptive to the child. In certain situations, a family law attorney could help a parent file for sole custody or renegotiate the original custody agreement to reflect life changes.