In Your Defense When You Face Charges Of A White Collar Crime

Defense of white collar crimes is a unique area of law. In addition to knowledge of basic criminal law principles, an attorney working in this area may need knowledge of accounting, business principles and records retention. For best results in a white collar crime case, work with highly experienced lawyers. At Bowen Ten Cardani, we are proud of over 75 years' combined experience. This experience can prove to be essential if you have been charged with one or more of these crimes:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Credit card offenses
  • Obtaining money by false pretenses
  • Construction or contractor fraud
  • Cigarette trafficking
  • Forgery

The Sooner Your Defense Attorney Comes On Board, The More Options You May Have For A Favorable Outcome

Early legal representation in any criminal case is vital, but this may be especially so in a white collar crime case. Even if the alleged wrongdoing is at the rumor stage and you have not received any official notice or questioning by investigators, now is the time to talk to an attorney. The alleged victims of the crime often simply want their money back when they believe someone has stolen from them. A restitution deal early in a case may prevent criminal charges from being filed at all.

If your name is associated with a white collar crime investigation or arrests in any way, you should work closely with a lawyer. Get an attorney on your side, put heads together to devise an effective strategy, and get started on your own defense.

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