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DUI (Alcohol Or Drug-Related)

DUI — driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs — is a serious charge with serious consequences and far-reaching effects. Beyond jail and fines, insurance premiums can increase dramatically for years to come. An extended period without driving privileges can keep you from being able to get to work and maintain employment. Ignition interlock devices can fail to operate properly.

Bowen Ten PC, in Richmond and Ashland, Virginia, is prepared to protect your rights after you have been charged with prescription DUI or any variety of DUI.

Beware of Short-Term And Long-Term Consequences Of A Conviction

Penalties for DUIs vary greatly. Aggravated DUIs carry heavy penalties and long-term negative consequences. For a first offense, non-aggravated DUI, often jail time can be avoided. But some DUIs under the law are deemed aggravated and carry mandatory jail sentences.

Above and beyond legal fees, it is often estimated that a conviction even for the simplest DUI can end up costing you $10,000 or more. It can affect your life for years, as well as resulting in license suspension and the possibility of jail.

Keeping your driver’s license is a critical matter. Experienced legal counsel to address the criminal aspects of your DUI charges is just as essential for your future.

DUI charges in Virginia are among the most serious charges that the average person may face. Protecting yourself against these consequences calls for skilled and experienced criminal defense. A lawyer with experience in this area can help you to avoid some or all of the worst repercussions of a DUI arrest.

Legal Solutions To Fight For Your Driving Privileges And Innocence

Bowen Ten PC, has over 75 years’ combined experience fighting to help people secure the best resolutions to complex and difficult situations. We know how overwhelming it can be to face criminal charges. We work to help you understand what is going on while we work to protect your rights. Our DUI lawyers are prepared to help you protect your rights and avoid years of difficult consequences.

Our Firm Focuses On Effective Defense Strategies

There are many ways to successfully fight DUI charges. Our firm has a network of resources to help our clients fight these charges and other traffic violations. It is often advantageous to begin assessing any alcohol issues prior to appearing before the court. We can help you take the steps you need to help create the strongest case. We also assist clients with possession of marijuana and other drug possession charges.


Those with commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) are at risk of losing their ability to earn income if they are convicted of DUI, especially if the drunk driving occurred while on the job where the legal limit is .04 blood alcohol content (BAC) as opposed to .08. For truckers and other commercial drivers, it is imperative that you secure the strongest available defense.

Meet With One Of Our DWI Defense Lawyers

When you are facing DUI/DWI charges, it is important that you have representation you can trust. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our drunk driving defense attorneys, call 804-767-6850 or contact us online.