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The array of items child support payments provide for

Virginia parents who have been ordered to pay child support are providing a wide range of benefits for their children. In addition to the basics such as food, clothing and shelter, child support payments may also provide money for a tutor or to take part in a club or a summer camp. Support payments may also provide for the special physical or emotional needs that a child may have.

Spousal support in Virginia

In the event a couple in Virginia gets divorced, spousal support may either be awarded by a judge in a court order or agreed to by the parties. The theory behind ordered spousal support is to remove unfair financial impediments one spouse may have due to his or her unemployment or underemployment, allowing the recipient an allotted amount of time to seek job training or obtain employment in order to adequately provide for his or her own support.

Federal taxes and bankruptcy considerations

When Virginia residents are struggling to pay their debts and keep up with bills, they may find relief with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy codes have specific guidelines regarding filing requirements and eligibility. In addition to having some form of regular income, people must also be able to show that they've filed tax returns for each of the last four years.

Dealing with domestic violence in Virginia

Many people are victims of domestic violence, and they may not know what to do in order to plan for their safety and to get help. There are options available to victims of domestic violence. It is important for those affected to secure the safety of themselves and any children as well as to seek help from the appropriate authorities.

What are the requirements to apply for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

When Virginia residents are struggling with large amounts of debt, they may consider filing for bankruptcy. There are several different forms of bankruptcy, but Chapter 7 is the type most often recommended for individuals who wish to discharge debt. Although this is a popular form of bankruptcy, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met to begin the process. Understanding these requirements can be helpful when filing for bankruptcy.

Treatment of inheritances during divorce

The manner in which an individual handles an inheritance could later affect how it is treated in case of a divorce. Because Virginia is not a community property state, marital properties and separate properties are treated differently during divorce. In many cases, an inheritance is viewed as a separate property that is not subject to the principle of equitable distribution. However, there are some exceptions.

Divorce rates continue to decline

Many Virginia residents likely believe that approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, but this widely held view is not supported by the latest statistics. The rate at which couples divorced increased sharply in the 1970s and 1980s, but they have since started to fall. However, many news outlets have not picked up on this change in the trend, and newly married couples today are still portrayed as being unlikely to remain together into their golden years.

Child custody and relocating

Divorced parents in Virginia who are considering moving may wonder what the laws are regarding relocating their children, custody and visitation. If the parents have not included a prior agreement regarding relocation in their child custody plan, the issue may be decided by the courts. As with all decisions concerning children, the child's best interests will be of paramount importance.

Child custody and visitation for non-parents

Under Virginia law, people who are not the parents of a child may apply for custody if they are a relative, stepparent, former stepparent or anyone who has filled a similar role in relation to the child. Both parents are also able to seek custody of the child, and the parents will be given preference in a custody dispute unless they are shown to be unfit.

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