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Domestic Violence And Assault

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Domestic Violence And Assault

Protect Your Rights And Your Future After A Domestic Violence Or Assault Arrest

Family arguments and fights should ideally be resolved within a family or with the help of counselors or other professionals if at all possible. Perhaps a separation or cooling-off period will be necessary. Calling the police should be reserved only for situations where someone is in danger. However, this ideal is often not the way it happens when personal disputes get out of hand.

When Law Enforcement Gets Involved In Your Domestic Situation, It Is No Longer A Private Dispute

Domestic violence may be a real threat to you and your children — or accusations and charges may take on a life of their own, bringing greater challenges than the original incident(s). Sometimes domestic “violence” is not really violence, but simply perceived threats. You or your accuser may have recanted soon after police arrive. Regardless, the person accused will face urgent legal issues, including protective orders, potential family law complications, criminal charges, jail time and general disruption in life.

If you have been accused, arrested and/or charged with domestic violence, you have no doubt already realized that this is a serious legal matter. Once law enforcement agents get involved in private disputes between romantic partners or family members, legal complications may become even more challenging than the original source of conflict.

Even When Allegations Are Exaggerated Or False, Criminal Charges Are Serious

Perhaps no area of the criminal justice system carries a higher risk of wrongful convictions than in the area of domestic violence. The high emotions and anger associated with the breakup of a relationship often create issues of credibility in witnesses that may be useful in avoiding a conviction, an important goal.

In addition to the possibility of jail, domestic assault convictions are the one misdemeanor that can result in the loss of your privilege to own or possess a firearm.

Let Our Virginia Lawyers Defend Your Rights And Your Freedom

Bowen Ten PC will vigorously defend you if you retain our services after you have been charged with domestic violence or any type of assault. From law offices in Richmond and Ashland, our attorneys are prepared to pursue the favorable outcome you need after a domestic violence or assault arrest. Contact us to learn how we can help, starting right away.

We have the experience and dedication to fight for the most favorable outcome your case allows. Call 804-767-6850 or send an online inquiry to schedule a consultation.