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Trials And Appeals

Whether to have a trial and whether to have that trial in front of a judge or a jury involves complicated and serious considerations. Having the assistance of an attorney with trial experience is absolutely necessary if you are preparing for and participating in a trial. Bowen Ten PC in Richmond, Virginia, offers the level of experience you can rely on.

Trials: A trial of any criminal matter is a complicated and difficult process. Having an attorney with trial skills and experience is a necessity.

  • Bench trials: A bench trial is a trial before a judge rather than a jury.
  • Jury trials: A jury trial is a trial before a number of citizens randomly chosen from the jurisdiction where the offense is alleged to have occurred (seven jurors for misdemeanors, 12 jurors for felonies).

When the outcome of a trial is deemed unsatisfactory by a defendant and/or his or her lawyer, there may be reasons to file an appeal.

Appeals, particularly beyond the circuit court, are extremely complicated and appellate courts require that their procedural rules be followed to the letter. An attorney familiar with these rules is absolutely necessary. Bowen Ten PC handles a full range of appellate cases involving:

  • Virginia Circuit Court: This court handles “de novo” appeals from the general district and juvenile and domestic relations courts of the commonwealth.
  • Virginia Court of Appeals: This is the first level of appellate review for Virginia criminal convictions.
  • Virginia Supreme Court: This court represents the final level of appellate review for criminal convictions in Virginia.
  • Federal appeals: From the United States District Court, the trial court in the federal system, a case can be appealed to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and then ultimately to the United States Supreme Court.

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