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Losing your job could eventually lead to divorce

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Divorce

Researchers have spent decades studying the reasons why divorces happen and what types of factors make them more likely. One thing that they have found is that there’s a consistent link between job loss and divorce. When someone loses their job, whether they get fired or laid off, their odds of divorce go up.

But why does this happen? In theory, the person’s professional life and their personal life should be separate. Losing a job may be a setback to their career aspirations, but why would it end their marital relationship?

Creating additional stress

What researchers suspect is that the loss of a job creates extra “short-term stress” for the couple. It may be harder for them to make ends meet. They may experience financial stress like missing mortgage payments or credit card payments. Even if this doesn’t go on for a relatively long time, it can take quite a toll. For instance, it may take the person six months to find another job, but that may have already done enough damage to the relationship that a divorce is inevitable.

It’s also worth considering the fact that losing a job could become a pattern of behavior for some individuals. If someone consistently gets fired every few years and is constantly between jobs, that may be very difficult for their spouse. Eventually, that spouse may decide to leave the marriage in order to find greater financial stability elsewhere.

Divorce isn’t guaranteed after job loss, but it is possible. Those who find themselves in this position must know exactly what legal steps to take.