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Why is compromise crucial for divorcing parents?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorce can be much simpler when both parties are willing to make compromises. The chances of both wanting the exact same outcomes are unlikely. However, a bit of give and take can help you move on with your lives.

If you are divorcing without children, splitting your marital assets is often the most contentious, leading to bitter fights in and outside the courtroom. If you have children, it is crucial to compromise for the sake of your children. Divorce can be extremely stressful for your children. The smoother you can make your custody dispute other aspects of your divorce, the less collateral damage they will suffer.

No child wants to endure the process of their parents fighting it out in court over every detail. It can leave them feeling stuck in the middle or make it seem as though they are assets, not humans.

Conflict over custody can make for bitter co-parenting

Even if you keep the kids out of the courtroom and try to keep your divorce discussions away from prying ears, they will still pick up on the emotions. Hoping that the court will believe the other is the bad person in the relationship makes for uncomfortable feelings that spill out while spending times with kids.

The harm you do each other in the second scenario could take years to heal and is likely to make co-parenting very difficult. You’ve effectively become enemies, and your children will know that. Often they think they are to blame, which is not in your children’s best interests.

Reaching a compromise about child custody is not always simple. Yet, with appropriate legal guidance, it is entirely possible and beneficial to you and your kids.