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What should you tell your children about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Divorce

First and foremost, what you tell your children about your divorce is up to you. This is going to be different in every case, as every family has their own unique situation. As a parent, you get to decide what is best for your child.

That being said, many parents are unsure exactly how to approach the situation. The following tips can help you talk to your children so that things go more smoothly.

Tell them if it’s for certain

First of all, many children hope that their parents will get back together in the future. If your divorce is certain and this is not going to happen, that’s one thing that you definitely want to stress so that your children don’t have false hope.

Tell them that it’s not their fault

Another thing the children often believe is that they have caused the divorce. Parents usually find this a bit ridiculous, knowing that adult issues have led to the divorce. But, considering how firmly children can believe this, it’s still important to have these conversations with them.

Be careful with the details

When determining how many details your children should hear about your divorce, you really have to consider their age, maturity level and how much you believe they need to know. 

For example, some parents would not be comfortable sharing with their children that their spouse had an affair. Other parents may think that it’s important to tell them about this affair so that the children understand why the divorce is occurring. Age is one of the major factors that can impact whether or not this is a wise idea.

As you talk to your children and move closer to your divorce, be sure you can know about all the legal steps you need to take.