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Did too little quality time lead to Tom and Gisele’s divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Divorce

Celebrity couples can be a source of inspiration when their relationships go well. Their divorce stories can also be an important warning for those in struggling relationships. For years, people have pointed to Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen as one of the most beautiful couples in the world.

Their marriage also seemed ideal from the outside, with both spouses extending support to the other on social media and during important professional moments. However, sources have recently shared with the press that both Tom and Gisele have begun consulting with divorce attorneys.

Was it a lack of quality time that eventually led to the downfall of their marriage?

Demanding schedules can damage a marital bond

Being a fashion model is a demanding career that requires travel and long days on set. The same is true of being a high-profile football player. In this relationship, both spouses felt the pressure of the public eye and had achieved great success in a high-demand and high-stress profession.

People often thought that the two of them perfectly complimented one another. In reality, they may have found themselves with very little opportunity to connect, especially once they added children to the mix. As is quite common, it appears that Giselle may have started considering divorce first, likely years ago, but divorce rumors only began in earnest recently.

Does this serve as a warning about your own marriage?

If you have spent years trying to juggle a mediocre marriage and a demanding career, realizing that even the richest and most successful people aren’t happy in their relationship unless they commit to being with the other person could help you embrace the truth about your circumstances.

Despite your best intentions, a marriage where you have not taken the time to reconnect with one another or to integrate each other into your schedule may not be a relationship that you can ultimately preserve. Rather than waiting for your spouse to pull the proverbial trigger and then scrambling to protect yourself, it is likely far wiser for you to acknowledge the reality of the situation and start actively considering what will happen in the future.

Learning lessons from public celebrity divorces can help you avoid the messiest and most painful complications in your own upcoming divorce.