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Why creating your own will might be a bad idea

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Estate Planning

Nobody relishes the prospect of talking about death, and this is why many people avoid estate planning. Some people attempt to avoid the stress of confiding in family members and seeking assistance by drafting a will on their own.

While this is legal in Virginia, is it really the best course of action for you? Outlined below are a few important factors to consider.

Has everything been included?

Yes, a will largely centers around how your assets will be divided after you die, but there is much more to it than this. You can also name guardians to look after your young children and much more. In short, your will must be specific to your needs. Do-it-yourself (DIY) will templates that are found online tend to be generic. They simply aren’t going to be tailored toward your wishes and may actually do more harm than good for you.

Can my will be amended?

Estate planning is commonly thought of as something that you only have to address once. This isn’t true. Your will and other documents should reflect your current wishes, and life rarely stays the same. To take into account family changes and the evolving needs of your children, you may need to start over again, which is a hassle.

By seeking legal guidance with your will, you can help make sure that nothing is left to chance. You’ll also find that it is far easier to make changes this way should you need to. Overall, estate planning is much less daunting if you have someone with experience who can point you in the right direction.