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Use hard situations to teach your children how to handle conflicts

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Child Custody

Parents have to ensure that they’re helping their children learn how to navigate through difficult situations. One of the most difficult situations that co-parents may have to endure is having an ex who is vindictive. This makes it challenging to deal with each other as a parenting team.

When you’re dealing with a co-parent who’s vindictive, the children may have to deal with some unnecessary behavior. Using your vindictive co-parent’s behavior as a tool to help the children learn how to cope with these situations in life is important. 

Teach them how to respond

Dealing with a parent who’s behaving in a vindictive manner toward the other parent can be rough for kids, especially when their emotions get involved. While you don’t want to join in badmouthing the other parent, you need to make it clear that people sometimes say hurtful things on purpose. Teaching your children that they don’t have to respond to negative behavior with negativity can help them through life. 

Model good behavior on your end

Co-parents should always have direct communication with each other, but that doesn’t mean they have to talk to each other constantly. Limiting communication prevents the chance of misunderstandings. It may help you to treat the communication like a business matter so you can remain calm. That helps model good coping strategies for your kids.

Parents who are going through a divorce need to ensure that they’re always doing what’s best for their children. The terms of the arrangement must be placed in the parenting plan. Taking the time to get this in order as quickly as possible is important.