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Addressing the impact divorce can have on your business 

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | Divorce

The decision to pursue a divorce can have major impacts on various aspects of a person’s life. Firstly, separating from your long-term partner is no easy feat in itself. The complexity of the situation can be heightened further if children are involved. 

As well as the implications on your family dynamic, divorce can take its toll on your business interests. Recognizing where these challenges come from can be key to ensuring that your company remains profitable post-divorce. Outlined below are some of the common obstacles that business owners have to overcome during the divorce procedure. 

The division of assets

How property is divided during divorce can have a significant impact on your business directly. Laws on this subject vary from state to state, with Virginia being an equitable distribution state. This means that the courts will do their utmost to divide assets in a manner that is fair  — but not necessarily equal — to all parties. Having a firm understanding of property distribution in Virginia will help you navigate the divorce process, and come up with a settlement that is not detrimental to your company. 

Your public image

As a business owner, you most likely take great pride in your reputation in the local area. It could be in your best interests to keep your divorce as private as possible, and there are methods of doing this. A divorce that is highly contested and filled with damaging rumors could impact both your reputation and the morale of your employees. By remaining amicable with your former spouse and negotiating in a respectable manner, you could ensure that the divorce is concluded promptly with little disruption. 

Protecting your business interests should be a priority during a legal separation. Having a full understanding of your legal rights in Virginia will help you to do this.