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Who is to blame after a commercial truck crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Personal Injury

Understanding who is at fault in a crash is important. After all, their insurance policy will usually be the one to cover much of the expenses that result. Given that commercial crashes often cause the total destruction of the smaller vehicle and severe injuries to the people in it, establishing fault is of the utmost importance.

There is no sure answer about who is to blame for the collision without looking at the circumstances that led to it. However, a review of information from previous crashes could make analyzing the crash circumstances easier for you.

Big commercial vehicles are often at fault for the wrecks they experience

Federal traffic safety agencies track and analyze collision data to promote public safety. Certain trends in collisions eventually influence policy aimed at reducing the number of crashes that occur or the number of deaths that result from wrecks.

The statistics about commercial vehicle crashes give a clear idea about what often causes these collisions. In 55% of all vehicle collisions involving commercial trucks, the big vehicle is the one at fault. In 44% of two-vehicle collisions involving big trucks, the commercial vehicle is at fault.

Of those collisions caused by the commercial vehicle, 87% of the time it will be the driver who causes the crash. Distraction, driving mistakes or medical events can all lead to a trucker causing a crash. The insurance policy on the vehicle will potentially help the victims of such crashes cover their medical costs and property damage. However, in rare circumstances, there might be a third party responsible for the collision.

When is someone else responsible for a commercial crash?

There are a handful of situations that involve a third party ultimately having responsibility for a commercial crash.

In 10% of the crashes involving commercial trucks, an issue with the vehicle is what caused the wreck. If a trucking company failed to properly maintain a vehicle, the business may be responsible for the crash. If the vehicle failed because of a defective component, the manufacturer of that defective part may be at fault. It’s also possible that another driver in a separate vehicle caused the crash.

Determining who is responsible for a trucking crash is a crucial first step toward getting compensation for the losses you suffered.