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Were you injured in a multi-vehicle accident in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Personal Injury

Car accidents involving only two vehicles present several challenges for victims seeking compensation in an injury lawsuit. For example, you must prove that the other driver negligently caused the crash that injured you.

In accidents involving three or more automobiles, you can expect your challenges to increase, including your efforts to prove who was at fault. For example, it may take the authorities some time to determine what happened so that you can pursue a remedy.

Other challenges that accompany multi-car accidents

Proving that negligence led to your accident is just one of the challenges associated with multi-vehicle crashed. Other issues that could affect the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit or insurance settlement include:

  • Multiple at-fault parties. If it turns out that more than one motorist caused the accident, you may need help deciding who to sue if you plan to file a lawsuit (not everyone has the money to pay even if you win).
  • No driver was responsible. Sometimes, a road or highway in need of repairs may have caused the accident instead of another motorist. In such cases, you may choose to target the city for your losses rather than a driver.
  • Contributory negligence. If you played any role in causing the accident, Virginia’s contributory negligence rule could bar you from collecting any compensation — even if the other drivers are 99% at fault.

Learning more about Virginia accident and injury compensation rights can also help ensure you find a good solution and get the compensation you are due.