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Choosing a guardian for your children? Consider these 2 points

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Estate Planning

Parents who have children still living at home have probably thought about a lot of things related to the future — including what might happen to their kids if they aren’t there to raise them for whatever reason.

Setting up an estate plan and naming a guardian for the children outlines your wishes surrounding your children (and other things) just in case something happens to you. There are several key points that you should consider when you’re trying to determine who you want to name as your children’s guardian. Keeping these in mind might make it a bit easier for you to decide who you want to speak to about this immense responsibility:

Their ability to raise the children

The person who you choose as the guardian must be someone who is capable of keeping up with your children. You might be tempted to name your parents as guardians, but think about whether they’ll have the energy and health to raise your children. It might be better to find someone closer to your own age. 

Their ability to maintain your values

You probably have some values that are very dear to you. The person you choose as guardian should be able to uphold those and teach them to your children. It might help for you to write these out and give them to the person. 

Getting your estate plan in order is an important task for all adults. For those who have children who are minors, this need is critical. Taking the time to create a comprehensive plan can help your children to have the life they deserve, even if something happens to you. Once you know who you want to name as guardian, talk to them to find out if they’re up for it.