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3 ways to make the divorce process easier on your children

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Child Custody

Getting divorced is a life-altering decision that can cause significant amounts of stress. When children are involved, tension and conflict may be heightened.

Feelings of anger and frustration can often cause adults to make mistakes that may negatively impact children. The best interests of the children should be your greatest concern as parents. Therefore, it is worth exploring ways that could make the divorce process easier on them.

Establish a parenting agreement quickly if possible

Where possible, it can be beneficial for the children to know that their parents are still communicating effectively. This may be displayed by adults communicating effectively and finding solutions together. Settling disputes over child custody and visitation early in the divorce process could make things less stressful for both children and adults.

Avoid relaying messages through a child

Ideally, parents will still be able to communicate directly with each other when required. Often, relaying messages through a child can place them in an awkward position. They may feel like they are having to pick sides, which could cause a great deal of worry. Resolving disputes by communicating with your co-parent is typically the best course of action, bringing the child in on matters only when it is appropriate to do so.

Provide as much stability as possible

The divorce process can result in a child having to adapt quickly to a new environment without one parent. Adding another drastic change to the equation, such as moving to a new home, could cause undue anxiety. It’s important to try to maintain as much stability as possible amid any big changes you need to make.

Recognizing how to avoid conflict during the divorce process could be in your best interests as well as that of your children. As a spouse in Virginia, knowing your legal rights can help.