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The Kardashian-West divorce and keeping the peace for the kids

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Divorce

Celebrity news has been full of divorce filings lately. One of the most recent stories is that celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are apparently getting a divorce. 

While many celebrity divorces have little to do with the average person in America, this divorce does shed some light on issues to which almost anybody can relate.

Child custody issues with their four young children

First, Kim and Kanye have had four children together during the course of their marriage. All the children are still fairly young, so child custody issues will be complex, and a plan will need to last for years. Their parents are going to have to figure out exactly what that looks like, as they both have very active careers that include a lot of travel. It will not be an easy task to find a schedule that works for both of them. 

One potentially positive sign, though, is that the couple recently took a trip together. They were still in California and merely visited San Francisco with their family, but it helps to show that they may be on better terms than some couples in the midst of a breakup.

Keeping the peace with an ex for the kids’ sake

Staying on good terms with your co-parent is so helpful in custody situations. When both parents are willing to do what it takes to stay involved with the kids, everyone wins. It can also mean that:

  • Communication between parents is easier
  • Compromises are possible
  • The kids are happier since their parents get along so well

Even if you’re not dividing hundreds of millions in assets like Kim and Kanye, you will still have many of the same custody questions and issues during your own divorce.