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Virginia police issue reminder of St. Patrick’s day road dangers

Virginia State Police have issued a timely reminder that drinking and driving do not mix. Official St Patrick’s Day celebrations will not be going ahead in Richmond this year. Yet, that will not deter many from having a celebratory drink.

How big is the drunk driving problem on St Patrick’s Day?

The National Highways Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found almost two-thirds of fatal crashes during the 2019 St. Patrick’s festivities involved a drunk driver.

There are many places to have a drink before driving

Not everyone goes to a bar to drink. With many people less eager to mix with crowds, they may opt for smaller affairs. They might celebrate around each other’s houses. Or on a Zoom call with distant family. It could lead to people forgetting the dangers of driving after drinking, dangers that might seem more obvious when you head out for the day to celebrate in public.

Any amount of alcohol makes driving more dangerous

The police statement asks people to recognize that however good their intentions to have only one drink, one often leads to more. Even one drink harms people’s ability to drive. Think about how the first glass of wine after you put the kids to bed relaxes you. Or how the first sip of a cold beer on a hot Friday lunchtime makes returning to work to finish the week that little bit harder.

Take extra care on the roads this week. Many people will be driving after having consumed alcohol. They may not all be technically drunk, but they will not be as safe as they should be. They are more likely than usual to cause you a car crash.