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Factors that may contribute to divorce odds

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Divorce

If you ask someone why they got divorced, they’ll probably give you a very specific example. They may tell you that their spouse had an affair, for instance, or that they suffered from emotional abuse. They may just say that they drifted apart over time or that they were never really sure they wanted to be married in the first place.

While all divorces do have unique causes, you can still look at factors that influence the odds. Researchers have tracked out specific traits and divorce rates and a comparison of the two shows which specific traits have higher odds of splitting up. Some of the  highrisk factors leading to divorce include:

  • Not having a very high level of education
  • Getting married in your teens
  • Having a low-wage job
  • Having parents who got divorced already
  • Not being part of an organized religion
  • Living together before tying the knot

Even these issues are often more complex than they appear in list form. For instance, a low level of education doesn’t typically mean that people get divorced because they’re uneducated. What it means is that the lack of education tends to hamper their career opportunities. This means they earn less money. The couple is more likely to experience high levels of financial stress. With money being one of the main reasons that couples argue, it’s clear that this type of living situation is primed for divorce.

If you and your spouse decide it’s time to end the marriage for this reason or for any other, contact an attorney an Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC to advise you of the legal steps you will need to take.