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Tips for managing social media during your divorce

Tips for managing social media during your divorce

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The precarious relationship that individuals have with social media can cause divorcing spouses a significant amount of stress. Compared to all of the details involved in a divorce-from deciding who receives what property to determining a fair child custody agreement-social media might not seem like a significant issue.

However, the potential impact on individuals’ mental health or even their life after divorce should not be overlooked.

So, here are a few tips to help divorcing spouses manage the stress that social media can create in their divorce.

How can you manage social media during a divorce?

If individuals continue to use social media during and after their divorce, then there are a few guidelines they should consider, including:

  1. Do not talk about the divorce: As we have discussed in past blog posts, posts on social media can often be used in divorce proceedings. Therefore, it might be beneficial to avoid posting about the relationship or divorce at all to avoid issues in the future.
  2. Establish rules in the parenting plan: When divorcing spouses have kids, it might be helpful to establish an agreement about what parents can and cannot post about their kids. Many proud parents want to post about their children’s successes, but others might not want young children on social media at all. Parents should discuss their expectations and perspectives about this in their custody agreement to avoid future disputes.
  3. Unfollow your ex-spouse: Unfollowing an ex-spouse, at least for a time, can help individuals avoid feeling more pain, anger or grief when they see an ex’s new posts. And this can help improve their mental health during the divorce.

You can also take a break from social media altogether

On the other hand, it might be helpful to take a break from social media. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that divorcing couples nowadays experience a significant amount of stress stemming specifically from social media. Individuals in the article reported that they felt:

  • Judgment surrounding their divorce after posting photos about their marriage and relationship;
  • Sadness from deleting posts including their ex-spouse; and
  • Jealousy or grief when friends and family post about their lives.

Taking some time away from social media during the divorce, as well as immediately after the divorce, can help individuals concentrate on their mental health and focus on starting the new chapter of their life after divorce.

Managing social media on top of an already stressful divorce can feel overwhelming. However, Virginia families can count on the experienced divorce attorneys at Bowen Ten PC, to help them find peace of mind as we guide them through every step of their divorce.

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