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Divorce is not easy: Here are some tips to reduce your stress

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Divorce

Anyone who has experienced a divorce–or anyone in the throes of one–knows precisely how stressful it can be. It is a difficult decision to end a marriage, and the challenges only begin with that decision. All of these challenges can lead to a wide array of emotions, from anger to grief. 

With all of that combined, there is no question why divorce is so stressful. While there might not be a way to eliminate that stress completely, there are ways that individuals can reduce it.

1. Talk to your support system regularly

Divorce is wrought with all kinds of emotions. Feeling contrasting emotions at the same time can be confusing, but it is natural during a divorce.

However, talking about those emotions is just as important as allowing oneself to feel them. After all, it is often a relief to air anxieties and frustrations.

Many people might seek professional support during their divorce and speak with a therapist. However, it is also helpful for individuals to open up to close friends and family about how they are feeling. This can help them:

  • Work through the complex emotions of divorce
  • Avoid isolation, which is common during a divorce
  • Continue to cultivate personal relationships

2. Take care of your health

The Mayo Clinic reports that regular exercise can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. It is common for individuals to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression during divorce since they often:

  • Grieve the loss of their relationship, even if they feel relieved
  • Worry and stress about what the future holds 

Mental stress has a significant impact on one’s health, but it is also true vice versa. Prioritizing health during a divorce can help individuals alleviate feelings of stress.

3. Schedule time for you

Divorce can be time-consuming. On top of that, individuals must still navigate their daily lives involving work, childcare and other commitments while everything seems to be changing.

It can be a challenge to find time to rest. But it is necessary.

Establishing a time alone to rediscover a favorite hobby, or plan a fun outing is critical to release tension and stress. It also helps individuals prepare themselves for their future post-divorce.

Divorce may be one of the most stressful things individuals can experience in their lifetime. The divorce attorneys at Bowen Ten Long & Bal, PC, understand that stress. And we are devoted to minimizing that stress as much as possible while we guide Virginians through the process of divorce.