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Is there a positive side to divorce?

Is there a positive side to divorce?

When faced with a divorce–whether it was a mutual decision or not–the future can seem inescapably negative. The stress of divorce can weigh individuals down and take away the hope they have for the future. 

In the middle of complex divorce proceedings, it can be difficult to see any positive side to divorce. However, there are quite a few positives that all individuals should understand.

Post-divorce life could help build a healthier relationship with your kids

At first, a parent’s relationship with their kids could be a challenge after divorce. Divorce is a big change for them too, after all. And according to Psychology Today, children often feel anxious about the future, angry at their parents or even guilty about the divorce.

However, as time goes on, children might realize that there is no more tension in the household. And after a divorce, parents are free to spend one-on-one time with their children and focus on their relationship.

Divorce could even improve the relationship with your ex-spouse

It might seem impossible to imagine a better relationship with an ex-spouse, but it is actually quite common for many divorced couples.

With more instances of mediation or collaborative divorce nowadays, many people report that getting a divorce helped their relationship with their ex-spouse. It is possible to become better friends and parents without the stress of a marital relationship.

You could have a better hold on your finances

The U.S. News & World Report published an article in 2017 about several financial benefits that individuals experience after a divorce, such as:

  • More control over one’s finances
  • No more arguing over finances
  • Opportunities to create a new budget

Even though the property division process could leave spouses with less money than they had during the marriage, they will still have more power over their own money management after divorce.

You could feel happier and healthier

It is common for individuals to feel grief or even symptoms of depression after getting a divorce. However, those feelings will not last forever, especially if individuals rely on their support system in friends and family.

In the long run, getting a divorce can help individuals decrease their stress levels, which can:

  • Improve their overall happiness
  • Increase their mental health
  • Boost their physical health

These matters might help bring hope to many people in the divorce process, but finding these positives does require some work. And there is no doubt that divorce is still incredibly stressful. That is why the compassionate and skilled divorce lawyers at Bowen Ten Cardani, PC, can help Virginia families through the challenges of divorce until they find the positives in this new chapter of their life after divorce.