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How to determine spousal support amounts

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Divorce

In many divorce cases in Virginia, spousal support is among the final issues to be resolved. This is because the parties to a divorce need to split assets and otherwise determine what resources each person will walk away from the marriage with. At that point, talks can begin regarding the potential need for financial assistance. There are many factors that come into play when deciding how much support an ex-spouse should receive.

The most common factors include the length of the marriage and the age and health of each partner. Other factors include the previous lifestyle enjoyed and a spouse’s ability to make payments after the marriage comes to an end. In some cases, spousal support will be awarded on a temporary basis until the recipient is able to find employment.

To ensure that payments are made, the payer may be required to purchase a life or disability insurance policy. The recipient spouse will be named as a beneficiary to those policies. This means that he or she will still get paid in the event that the payer dies or is unable to work. If necessary, spousal support orders can be modified after circumstances change.

Those who believe that they are entitled to spousal support may want to make their desires clear during divorce settlement negotiations. An attorney could help a client determine how much he or she could be allowed to receive and for how long. Support payments may end if the recipient finds a job or begins to obtain sufficient assistance from another person. An individual who is paying support may ask for a modification if such an action is appropriate.