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March 2019 Archives

Making Your Business Dream a Reality: Investor or Lender.

Small business and startup owners often ask how to get connected with an investor. Strangers willing to invest their hard-earned cash into supporting your dream are hard to find and, when you do find one, they will want to own part of your dream in exchange for their "investment." Quickly they go from "investor" to business partner and that is where the trouble begins.

Mortgage misconceptions related to divorce and the marital home

Divorcing couples in Virginia and elsewhere tend to disagree over issues like alimony, retirement accounts, pensions and child support. The marital home is another common source of contention when a marriage comes to an end. Oftentimes, a settlement results in one spouse keeping the home. If this is what happens, there are typically three options with the mortgage: keeping the original joint mortgage, refinancing it, or assuming the original mortgage.

Income limits for Chapter 13

People in Virginia considering declaring bankruptcy may wonder whether they qualify for Chapter 13. They tend to ask about the income limits for filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as the required size of debt itself. What many people are surprised to learn is that there is no income limit for filing a Chapter 13, but the size of debt one can hold is limited: To qualify, one's unsecured debt cannot exceed $394,725 whereas their secured debt must stay below $1,184,200.

Divorce and claiming dependents

When parents in Virginia file their federal income tax returns, they can generally claim their children as dependents. However, if they are divorced or separated, they should make sure that the other parent is not claiming the children as dependents as well. If multiple people claim the same dependents, the Internal Revenue Service will have to take a second look at those returns and determine who can actually claim those dependents.

Perceptions of domestic violence aren't always accurate

Injuries to the head or face may be indications that an individual in Virginia has experienced domestic abuse. This is according to a study conducted by a doctor at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. However, there may be other signs that doctors need to look out for. For instance, an injury to the arm or leg could also be a signal that abuse has occurred.

Many carry credit card balances for long periods of time

It isn't uncommon for Virginia residents and others who have credit card debt to carry it for more than a year. According to a poll by, 56 percent of respondents carried their balances for more than 12 months. Of respondents, 14 percent had some form of credit card debt for five years. Those with larger incomes were more likely to carry credit card debt.

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