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Helping children of divorce plan for the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Divorce

The holidays are usually a time for joy and family. However, as some Virginia families know, they can also be the source of stress and worry, particularly when it comes to planning holiday schedules for children after a divorce. Although the emotions associated with ending a marriage can be overwhelming for all involved, there are ways parents can make the experience more enjoyable for their children while maintaining a calm environment.

Experts recommend keeping the kids informed about what will happen during the holidays. The children should know when and where they will be with each household and what they will be doing. This can help the kids prepare for a holiday season that might be significantly different than past seasons due to the changes brought about by the divorce. Organization and planning are the most important parts of this process as the parents should attempt to put aside their differences to coordinate the holiday schedule carefully. It’s important to avoid any misunderstandings that can then complicate and escalate issues.

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Finally, each parent should be encouraging and supportive about the time the children spend with the other parent. They should encourage their kids to enjoy their time with each parent as that is what the holidays are about. It’s also important to be supportive when the children come home after spending time with their other parent.

Divorce is difficult during all seasons, but the holiday season tends to bring out extreme emotions. With a good plan that follows and respects the agreements made by the parents, however, the situation can be managed. For parents going through a divorce, the assistance of a lawyer with family law experience can also be very valuable. An attorney can provide legal advice and guidance during the process.