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How parents can help kids get through divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Divorce

When parents in Virginia consider divorce, they may be deeply unhappy in their marriages but concerned about how the split would affect their children. Many parents remain in failing marriages for years due to concerns about how their kids would react to the divorce. In many cases, the kids may have a more difficult time dealing with the effects of staying together for the children than with their parents’ divorce. By staying aware of the kids’ emotional needs, parents can help their children to deal effectively with the challenges that can accompany divorce.

One action that parents can take to help their kids heal is to retain structure and consistency between their homes after divorce. While kids may travel back and forth between their parents, they can feel more secure and stable when they have the same expectations in both locations. Even parents who have a difficult relationship with one another can agree on matters like academic expectations and standard chores. Kids can be reassured when their parents are still a united front on key parenting issues.

In addition, kids often feel like they are somehow to blame for the divorce. They may feel a sense of guilt or worry that they have driven their parents apart. Parents can help by reassuring their kids that even though the parents don’t want to be together anymore, both of them love and support the children. This doesn’t mean sharing detailed information about the reasons for the divorce; kids may have a difficult time dealing with this kind of information.

When parents think about divorce, they may wonder about losing time or weakening their bond with the children. A family law attorney may help advocate for a divorcing parent’s rights and work to reach a fair agreement on parenting issues including child custody and support.