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Disagreements over Donald Trump leading to divorce

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Divorce

Arguments over politics are commonplace in a marriage. Virginia couples who are on different ends of the political spectrum will frequently debate certain issues and agree to disagree. However, some circumstances can send a dispute over the edge and lead to the end of a marriage. Research has shown this to be the case with the election of President Trump.

A study suggests that an increasing number of couples are ending their relationship because of President Trump. The study was formulated by a polling firm based in Virginia. It includes both married and unmarried couples. It says that one out of 10 couples are parting ways due to political disputes.

Among individual groups, the highest rate is with millennials at 22 percent. It also found that 22 percent of the respondents are acquainted with another couple whose relationship was damaged by the political climate. A thousand people from around the country participated in the survey between April 12 and April 18.

The study indicates that since the election of President Trump, more than 20 percent of Americans who are involved in a marriage or a relationship say that they have disagreed over the new administration’s policies more than they have over money, which is usually a key reason for a divorce. One prominent New York family law attorney said that she had not seen this degree of marital political discord before.

The end of a marriage, regardless of what precipitated it, carries with it several legal issues that a couple must face. They may want to have the help of their respective family law attorneys in negotiating an agreement that covers property division, alimony and other applicable matters.