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How to keep children safe after a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Family Law

If Virginia custodial parents in Virginia feel as if their children are in danger when around their ex-spouse, it is an issue that should be raised. In any child custody matter, the law places a premium on meeting the best interest of the child. Typically, a judge will also investigate allegations of domestic violence or any other information that may be relevant before granting custody or visitation to a parent.

To investigate a parent’s claim, it may be necessary for representatives of the court to talk to multiple individuals. These parties may include a child’s neighbors, teachers or anyone else who may be able to verify the claims of a custodial parent. During the investigation, the other parent may be granted custody or visitation on a supervised basis and in a neutral location.

The best way to verify claims of abuse against an adult or child is to provide documentation. If a parent has been abused by his or her partner, it may be a good idea to provide medical records or other evidence supporting this position. The same is true if a parent claims that his or her spouse or partner has abused a child in the past or may do so in the future.

Parents who are going through a divorce may wish to talk with their respective family law attorneys. Doing so may make it easier to create a parenting plan or custody agreement that provides for the needs of their children. Parents who fear for their own safety or that of their child may want to have legal assistance when seeking a court order.